Angie introduces new features in next-gen guestroom assistant

Angie offers intuitive voice and touch screen interfaces that provide convenient access to property information and services. Photo credit: Angie(Angie Hospitality)

Angie Hospitality releases its next-gen, enterprise-class, cloud-managed interactive guestroom assistant Angie. Angie has since been outfitted with a variety of enhancements to augment its functionality for both guest-facing and operational applications.

New enhancements to the Angie product include:

  • Optimized audio input and speech-recognition performance;
  • 28 percent larger and higher-resolution multitouch IPS touchscreen with wider viewing angle and capacitive touch buttons for easier access to most user features;
  • New custom-designed Wi-Fi antennas to maximize guest and property network connectivity;
  • Upgraded sound system for enhanced sound quality and hands-free calling;
  • USB-C port to charge the latest devices;
  • Telephone handset option now available to replace in-room telephone;
  • Interoperability with more systems, including room control and IP telephony.

Angie now includes a privacy setting, which allows guests to completely turn off the voice controls, if desired, and use only the device’s touch-screen to access all property amenities and services available through the system.

“Our goal is to leverage that power to an even greater degree in the Angie solution to benefit both hoteliers and guests,” Angie Hospitality CEO Ted Helvey said in a statement. “With the release of our next-generation Angie, we have incorporated the feedback gained from both hoteliers and guests to further improve the guest experience, as well as streamlining hotel operations through the use of innovative, future-proof technology.”

Designed to serve as a 24-hour interactive guestroom assistant, Angie offers intuitive voice and touchscreen interfaces that provide convenient access to property information and services, as well as options to provide secure guest Wi-Fi access, room controls and even act as the in-room telephone.

Using their voice or the high-resolution touchscreen, guests can learn about property amenities, play their music on Angie’s Bluetooth speakers, make hands-free calls using their mobile phones, order roomservice, contact housekeeping, control the TV and much more. With additional available modules, guests can also control the room lighting and temperature, make calls inside and outside the hotel, and connect to a secure in-room private Wi-Fi network. Through this network, guests can also connect to casting-equipped guestroom televisions to stream their own content.

“With Angie’s cloud-powered hotel interface, the system can be implemented as a standalone ‘plug-and-play’ device or easily integrate with other hotel systems to enhance efficiency and maximize revenue,” Helvey said. “For example, when interfaced with the property’s HVAC, Angie offers the ability to automatically reset temperature and lighting controls when rooms are unoccupied, providing significant savings on energy costs.”

Angie’s multifunctional design eliminates the need to purchase separate products typically expected in guest rooms such as telephones, nightlights, alarm clocks, printed in-room collateral and Wi-Fi access points. Angie also can serve as a central source for providing personalized services and engagement with groups, as well as for promoting hotel amenities and sales incentives, either via its built-in touch screen or by voice response.