Avvio launches artificial intelligence-powered booking engine

Allora will track and analyze data across hundreds of properties, based on geography, guest history, booking preferences, interactions on site, conversions and more.

Avvio launches Allora, a booking engine powered by artificial intelligence. Allora uses artificial intelligence to learn from every online interaction. The first of the next generation of booking engines for hotels and accommodation providers, it focuses on driving direct booking and guest loyalty by orchestrating better online interactions between hotels and guests.

Built over 18 months by Avvio’s team of developers, Allora uses learning models to analyze large volumes of data and identify which variations will yield the best booking engine configuration. In an era of exponential data, hotels sit on large tranches of information that they typically do not have the manpower to crunch. Allora does this for them, while building on intelligence from Avvio’s network of hotels and accommodation providers across Europe and North America. Each property can learn from similar properties to improve its performance much more quickly than if it were to rely solely on its own data.

“Hotels can benefit from networked intelligence,” Avvio co-founder and CEO Frank Reeves said in a statement. “With bigger data you unearth better patterns quicker, and rapid feedback leads to greater innovation. It enables each hotel to build on insights from across our network and drive precision with their own data.”


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With Avvio’s proprietary technology, Allora uses learned customer behavior to create a conversation between the hotel and the guest by leveraging AI at the right moment, optimizing and personalizing their journey.

“Ultimately Allora is more than a booking engine, it’s a conversation platform, which is genuinely trying to curate a more refined and more appropriate experience for each website visitor,” Reeves continues. “That may be a conversation about loyalty, a booking or an upsell. We can’t continue to provide all customers with the same conversation.”

Allora will do this by tracking and analyzing data across hundreds of properties, based on geography, guest history, booking preferences, interactions on site, conversions and more. Working with any hotel’s existing property management system on a plug-and-play basis, the platform will then curate relevant options based on demonstrated guest behavior and optimize the booking journey to guide shoppers to book direct with as high a booking value as possible.

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