Bittel debuts Moda, a smart device for guestrooms

The base component of Moda is its charging module—it is this module that powers the entire “stack” of smart devices. Photo credit: Bittel Americas (MODA)

Bittel Americas unveiled a modern, modular and stylish solution unlike anything previously seen in its portfolio. Moda, designed by Jacob Jensen, will equip hotels with beautifully-designed, stackable, smart devices that meet the needs of today’s modern travelers. Options include modules for an alarm clock, a speakerphone, a Bluetooth speaker, casting and voice recognition.
“Moda is compatible with all guest mobile devices, and the modularity of the solution enables hoteliers to keep pace with ever-changing technology,” Bittel CEO Joe Zhang said in a statement. “Charging, clock and phone modules will hit the market in October. Bluetooth speaker, casting and voice-recognition modules will follow. Hoteliers can start with only a few modules and add more functionality as guest demands dictate. Moda is ideal for design-conscious hotel brands.”
The base component of Moda is its charging module—it is this module that powers the entire “stack” of smart devices. The charging module features two USB ports and one USB-C port. Guests use convenient, magnetically attached cables to charge their devices. Wireless charging is an optional feature. Hoteliers can then build onto this charging module with one or all of the following components:

  • Alarm clock module: Moda’s Tru-Time technology insures the clock time is always correct, improving the guest experience and reducing housekeeping effort. It also includes an auto-dimming feature with an ambient light sensor and an easy-to-set single-day alarm with 10-minute duration.
  • Speakerphone module: Moda’s high-performance speakerphone and four guest-service buttons enable guests to easily reach hotel services. Optional corded or cordless handset supplements the speakerphone.
  • Bluetooth speaker module: NFC-enabled and features high-performance sound.
  • Casting module: Moda offers a wired casting option to Apple and Samsung devices or wireless casting to all devices.
  • Voice recognition module: All Moda modules are “voice ready” and designed to work with voice-recognition technology.