Australian hotel adds building-, energy-management systems

Honeywell provided the building-management system, guestroom management, security and access control, dry fire, and electrical wiring interconnect systems. (Crown Towers Hotel implements building, energy management systems)

The new Crown Towers Hotel, an expansion of the Crown complex in Perth, Australia, has implemented Honeywell’s networked building-management and energy-management systems. The Honeywell enterprise building integrator and building management system are integrated with Honeywell’s Inncom guest room energy management system to optimize enterprise building controls, improve energy efficiency, and coordinate access controls, lighting and drapes. The Inncom system is also implemented at Crown Perth’s Promenade Hotel.
At the recently completed Crown Towers, Honeywell provided the building management system, guestroom management, security and access control, dry fire, and electrical wiring interconnect systems. Honeywell’s Inncom guest room management system provides environmental and energy management HVAC control along with control of drapes, lighting controls via designer switches controlled from mobile tablets. Wireless integration is provided to the property’s Saflok electronic guest room door locks. The Inncom INNcontrol 3 real-time EMS uses its deep mesh network to link guestroom environmental controls. The Inncom system can also communicate with other third-party systems that support tablet controls for personalized guest room options. The networked system ensures guest comfort and convenience with maximum energy efficiency.
Honeywell also integrated its Inncom EMS with Crown Perth’s hotel room booking system to provide automatic occupancy-based energy optimization. The system limits energy use when guests are not in their rooms. Combined with other energy efficiency strategies implemented at the Promenade Hotel by Crown Perth under their sustainability program, the Honeywell system has been key in assisting to achieve approximately 20 percent energy savings whilst maintaining optimum guest comfort.
Further, across the rest of the complex, Honeywell updated Crown Perth’s building management system and added enhancements such as mobility technology that uses Honeywell’s Enterprise Building Integrator workstation running on mobile iPad’s which provides real-time diagnostics to the engineering team which enables them to respond quickly to field calls.
Honeywell also modernized the site’s direct digital control system that controls and monitors multiple building functions during Crown Perth’s enterprise upgrade. Honeywell implemented its ComfortPoint DDC system that replaced the legacy XL500 DDC system and in the process also implemented agreed optimization strategies to create a higher level of efficiency in the air conditioning plant that serves Crown Perth’s buildings. ComfortPoint uses the industry standard BACnet protocol allowing easy integration with other system’s protocols.
Honeywell’s Crown Perth building management and energy management system modernization is expected to be finalized during 2017.