Delta Hotels Dallas Allen implements RFID door locks

The Delta Hotels Dallas Allen has incorporated the latest in encryption technology to prevent any possibility of unauthorized keycard cloning. Photo credit: Assa Abloy Global Solutions

The Delta Hotels Dallas Allen, a newly constructed property located in Allen, Texas, has implemented VingCard Signature radio frequency ID locks from Assa Abloy Global Solutions. Property-management company Altera Development decided to adopt the RFID-based door locks because of the highest security technology standards.

With operations and strategic partnerships in more than 166 countries, Assa Abloy was able to meet the hotel's local support needs during the implementation. This resulted in an expedient installation and a seamless training process for staff. By being able to rely on local support, Altera Development was assured of its ability to conform to regional regulations and requirements, as well as being guaranteed a swift resolution to any subsequent troubleshooting issues, should any arise at a later date.

“With the success that we experienced in installing VingCard Signature RFID door locks, we are fully confident in our hotel's ability to provide guests and staff with the highest quality of security that the industry has to offer at all times,” Altera Development Principal Mike Kennedy said in a statement. 

With the installation of the locks, the property has incorporated the latest in anticloning encryption technology to prevent any possibility of unauthorized keycard cloning. The locks' RFID abilities also ensure that guest keycards are guaranteed to function by eliminating the risk of misreads or inadvertently erased keycard data. The property also is mobile-access ready, offering the ability to activate mobile key functionality without needing to replace any existing hardware.