IBC forms strategic TrustYou partnership

TrustYou Stars Lite platform

InnDependent Boutique Collection has reached an agreement with TrustYou to bring guest-feedback management via its platform to IBC customers. Through this integration, independent hotels and soft brands using the proprietary IBC hotel-management platform will have free access to the TrustYou Stars Lite platform that captures and markets post-stay feedback from guests.

The majority of a hotel’s own collected reviews are stored in hidden databases, unseen by travelers and unused by hotels. Using actionable guest surveys, TrustYou Stars Lite will make review content visible to the masses.
“IBC members can now rely on the world’s largest guest feedback platform to drive higher guest satisfaction scores by monitoring, surveying and acting on reviews—free of charge,” said Michael Menzel, CRO and VP strategic partnerships at TrustYou. “Collecting guest feedback is essential to improving the hotel product and influencing future bookings. By collecting and sharing guest feedback with TrustYou, independent hotels can impact their bookings on a wider scale.”

“This data will help identify strengths and hone in on areas that need improvement. With the TrustYou Stars Lite platform, IBC hotels can seamlessly launch surveys and collect guest feedback, push reviews to Google, positively influence their TrustScore and Meta-Reviews, market their reviews on their own website, and use the insight to improve the hotel product.”
Being able to boost a hotel’s visibility on Google is important to independent owners and operators today, said Pamela Barnhill, IBC president.

“The more frequently a property responds to a review, the quicker it will generate new bookings,” she continued. “By partnering with TrustYou, IBC is enabling independent hoteliers with a free solution to enhance the quality of their service by being more responsive to online reviews and help them to gain better search rankings and visibility on all online channels including their own website. We are pleased to add this global company to the IBC Marketplace, a robust CRS with distribution and soft brand benefits.”