Nuvola releases Concierge module

Concierge can be purchased as a separate module to use with existing management systems. Photo credit: Nuvola (Nuvola)

Nuvola released its newest module, Concierge. It will allow the hotel's concierge team to coordinate and monitor guest itineraries and amenities, allowing for easy-to-manage reservations through Nuvola's integration with Yelp and OpenTable.

Concierge allows for front-end staff to effectively manage guests’ itineraries, restaurant reservations, spa appointments, room amenities, transportation and assist with other daily tasks in real-time. The module’s compatibility with platforms Yelp and OpenTable makes it easy to manage restaurant reservations, providing one intuitive platform to handle all tasks. For hotels with Nuvola’s Angel app, the web-based guest communications tool for smartphones, the addition of Concierge completes the full guest services experience.
“The addition of Concierge to our product line is an important step toward our goal of streamlining the hotel operations process,” Nuvola CEO Juan Carlos Abello said in a statement. “The concierge team needs its own management system that is smart and user-friendly in order to be effective. We are delivering a very intuitive product that that will result in higher customer satisfaction.  It’s a win, win.”  
The module provides a cost-effective, straight-forward and sustainable solution to common problems encountered by concierge personnel. Unlike other concierge platforms that require full implementation of their product line, Concierge can be purchased as a separate module to use with existing management systems or as a complement to Nuvola’s existing holistic platform.