OTH Hotels Resorts partners with ProfitSword

OTH Hotels Resorts, a hotel management company experiencing rapid growth with a portfolio consisting of high-end properties throughout the East Coast, has partnered with ProfitSword. OTH Hotels Resorts plans to leverage ProfitSword’s technology at each of its locations to improve visibility into its data, support data-driven decision-making and maximize top- and bottom-line performance.

By automatically integrating with the range of systems used across OTH Hotels Resorts’ portfolio, ProfitSword aims to help normalize disparate data into a single database for analytics, dashboarding and planning. This includes combining financial data from accounting, PMS, POS, procurement and labor systems with benchmarking data from STR as well as transient and group data from sales systems.

As a result, the hotel management company expects to provide employees with web-based tools and custom-tailored reports consisting of analytics relevant to their areas of responsibility for swift decision-making capabilities.      

Founded in late 2019, OTH Hotels Resorts was seeking a business intelligence solution that could provide a real-time analysis of current and projected business performance at each of its locations and for the organization as a whole. “Successful business strategies are built on a foundation of data insights that point to opportunities or risks to increasing revenue and operational efficiencies, and ProfitSword by far offers the most robust capabilities in this field,” said Joshua Goforth, financial analyst at OTH Hotels Resorts, in a statement. “The company’s platform not only easily integrates with virtually any performance-generating system in order to create a single source of information, but its intuitive dashboard and customizable reporting capabilities also ensure that our teams can always instantly find the precise real-time analytics they need to make the best possible decisions resulting in higher profitability, guest satisfaction and a more adaptive business environment.”