Sonifi launches authentication and management platform

Sonifi has rolled out its new authentication and management platform for its managed Wi-Fi and high-speed internet access services. Sonifi has quadrupled its HSIA customer base in less than five years.

Sonifi developed its AMP to improve network management capabilities, including:

  • Advanced network monitoring for prompt issue identification and response
  • Dynamic real-time visualization of network topology for IT professionals to more easily and holistically view complex network infrastructures
  • Advanced configurations for multi-zone and multi-site roaming for seamless connectivity for guests

"We made it simple for hoteliers to access essential functionality to operate managed Wi-Fi experiences, such as device authentication, splash page customizations, and network monitoring," Paul Johnson, SVP of internet services at Sonifi, said in a statement. "But AMP is really laying the groundwork for better guest Wi-Fi experiences in hotels."

The enterprise-grade cloud solution is powered by AWS. The range of media system PMS integrations will extend to AMP's PMS connectivity so properties don't have to manage multiple integrations for Wi-Fi and interactive TV features.

"Additional features are continually being added to AMP as we invest in greater automations, service reliability, and revenue drivers for our customers," said Johnson.