TPI Hospitality leverages ProfitSword integration

TPI Hospitality properties, such as the AC Hotel Minneapolis West End, now have the ability to share all performance-related data. Photo credit: ProfitSword

TPI Hospitality, a developer and operator of hotels, restaurants and conference centers in Minnesota and Florida, has implemented ProfitSword’s ProfitSage operational and financial reporting solution. With ProfitSage now in place across its portfolio with plans to roll out the solution as new properties are added, TPI allows seamless access and sharing of all performance-related data in order to maximize operational efficiency and business strategy planning efforts.

Before partnering with ProfitSword, TPI Hospitality leadership was in need of a comprehensive, time-efficient and error-immune alternative to manual spreadsheet-based data management. The company recognized the ProfitSword platform’s ability to automatically integrate with an array of disparate data-generating property systems across the entire TPI portfolio. ProfitSword's web-based user interface provides all staff members across the organization with one convenient source of real-time performance data, along with the ability to make and share updates with others.
“Before partnering with ProfitSword, we only had the resources to measure performance on a monthly basis, but with ProfitSage seamlessly integrated with all of our systems, the process has now become an effortless daily routine,” Dee Anne Osborne, SVP of sales and marketing at TPI Hospitality, said in a statement. “This enables each team member to look at their data in a whole new way, with more effective forecasting and budgeting capabilities, thanks to options that include analyzing information based on an individual hotel, regional or companywide perspective. Users can even compare brand-vs-brand, property-vs-property or class-vs-class, which has allowed us to identify several opportunities for improvement."
Providing each staff member with varying levels of data access depending on their role and responsibilities, ProfitSage ensures that any performance data supplied is always relevant to specific applications. Further enhancing TPI's efficiency is the ability to schedule and receive automated reports, instantly providing up-to-date performance information with little to no effort on the part of staff.