UniFocus launches labor management system for select-service hotels

(UniFocus launches labor management system for select-service hotels)

UniFocus has rolled out simplified labor-management software called UniFocus Select Service. The new platform is designed to meet the specific scheduling and labor-management needs of the ever-expanding select-service hotel market.
UniFocus Select Service offers the key functionality of UniFocus’ Full Service flagship system, which was designed for more complex operations, but with simpler algorithms and other features. Like the original, the new offering provides modules for forecasting, planning, scheduling, reporting and budgeting with the goal to benefit both a hotel’s top and bottom line. Remote, Web-based implementation and training mean the system can be fully operational within a few short weeks. Hotel operators can use their own labor standards or LMS templates, based on best practices for their specific market segment, position and size. In addition, UniFocus Select Service features mobile accessibility for team members and seamless use with UniFocus’ Global Time & Attendance.
With the introduction of UniFocus Select Service, UniFocus now offers hotel companies a single platform that meets the needs of their entire portfolio, from select-service to full-service to luxury.
“While select-service hotels are more viable to build in today’s development climate, managing them to greater profitably is always a challenge in the market,” said UniFocus founding partner and CEO Mark Heymann. “Labor challenges are inherent with new demands like predictive scheduling and the impact of a minimum wage increase. The cost and intricacies of labor management systems designed specifically for full-service hotels make them prohibitive to the select-service hotel operator. UniFocus Select Service is a streamlined, affordable system that bundles the features these operators need and leaves out what they don’t. It’s yet another example of UniFocus’ ongoing commitment to bring the highest-quality systems to the hospitality industry.”