React Mobile, CommScope partner for employee safety

Businesses can meet state and local government mandates to provide “panic buttons” to all lone workers and keep employees safe. Photo credit: React Mobile (React Mobile and CommScope)

React Mobile and CommScope are joining forces to develop a new employee safety solution.

The combined solution comprises CommScope Ruckus wireless access points with integrated Internet-of-Things and React Mobile’s employee safety devices. By leveraging the Bluetooth Low Energy beacons in Ruckus Wi-Fi access points, businesses can meet state and local government mandates to provide “panic buttons” to all lone workers.

How it Works

When a worker activates the panic button, the device searches for the location of the closest Ruckus AP that supports BLE. The React Mobile system tracks the distressed employee as he or she moves throughout a building or across a property, providing updated location information in real-time. Simultaneously, the Ruckus IoT Suite can activate security cameras, lighting, door locks and other connected systems as part of the response. The Ruckus IoT Suite can also generate additional notifications for first responders, including SMS messages and emails.
“Implementing technology post pandemic can be a daunting task, but with employee safety at risk, especially in a hotel environment, this is what must be done,” said Mark Grodzinsky, senior director of CommScope's Ruckus IoT portfolio. “We teamed with React Mobile to make their alert buttons easier and more cost-effective to deploy in the complex, multinetwork hotel environment. Not only will this equip workers with much needed—and government mandated—safety devices, it will also provide a future-oriented platform for ongoing IoT innovation.
“This is big news for the 20,000 hotel properties that made a pledge to the [American Hotel & Lodging Associaion's] 5-Star Promise, especially considering that many of them already rely on CommScope Ruckus networks for Wi-Fi connectivity,” Grodzinsky said. “CommScope and React Mobile are making it easier for these hotel companies to comply with government requirements and industry initiatives for panic buttons and other staff safety measures.”
React Mobile CEO Robb Monkman concurred. “More than ever before, technology companies need to collaborate to create a safer workplace without high costs and technical complexity. In the hospitality industry—with an estimated 187,000 hotels and 17.5 million guestrooms—the demand for IoT as a means of enhancing guest safety has exploded. We are proud to join the Ruckus Alliance Partner Program and eager to introduce the React Mobile safety alert and monitoring solution to their Ruckus IoT Suite customers. Together we are answering the new-age question: ‘How can I implement employee safety devices affordably in today’s economic climate?’”